The Alaska Arts Education Consortium (AAEC) Champions of Arts in Education Award was created as a way to formally recognize and honor individuals or organizations from around the State of Alaska who “champion” the arts in education. The AAEC board of trustees considers this award to be a celebratory action, aimed at highlighting the positive impact of the arts on the lives of our children and youth. The efforts of these “champions” in teaching and supporting arts across the curriculum reflects the mission of AAEC, which is “to promote learning in and through the arts for all Alaska students.”

AAEC believes that Champions of Arts in Education carry the torch for arts education through high-caliber instruction, arts support, and ongoing arts promotion. Besides being a wonderful, fun experience for students, the lasting impacts on these kids include becoming more effective communicators and responsible, contributing citizens. AAEC is an affiliation of school districts, diverse organizations, and dedicated individuals committed to preparing and supporting Alaska’s educators so that they can teach the arts across the curriculum.