On Thin Ice

On Thin Ice: Arts Education in Alaska Schools

On Thin Ice comes at a critical time in our state’s history. While celebrating 50 years of statehood, we are also examining the quality of education in Alaska, and whether we are preparing students for success in school, work and life.

National studies indicate that the arts are a significant part of education: students who study arts as part of their K-12 education score higher on SAT tests, have a higher literacy rate and improved critical thinking skills – all crucial skills for preparing a 21st Century workforce.  However, as On Thin Ice demonstrates, the arts are disappearing from the Alaska educational landscape.

In 2008 the Alaska State Council on the Arts collaborated with the Alaska Arts Education Consortium and the Alaska School Administrators Association to conduct a statewide, comprehensive survey to look at what is happening with the arts in our schools.

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What are you and your school doing to improve the learning for your students?