AAEC is  planning on holding three arts institutes during the summer of 2018 and we are looking for interested arts and culture teachers to apply to be teacher-leaders.

The planned Institutes are:

  • SAMS (Summer Academy Mat-su), May 23-26–This institute will be a five day, 3 credit event,as part of the districts larger inservice.  We will be looking for 3-4  teacher-leaders with varying specialties and interests.  Theme to be determined but the overall intent of this week is to reinvigorate teachers and we will do it through arts and culture.
  • Anchorage Academy, May 29-June 1–This institute will be a 4-day, 2 credit event, focusing on Arts for All Abilities and designed for Elementary and Special Education teachers.  We will be looking for 3-4 experienced arts teachers for this shorter than normal event.
  • Bethel Multicultural Institute, last week of July or first week of August tba.  Looking for arts teachers with multicultural /intercultural experience to lead the Institutes and local cultural experts.


AAEC-2018-Teacher-leader-Application.pdf (24 downloads)


Deadline for Applications:  January 8, 2018.  Please direct questions to Barbara Short, Executive Director at: