Lasting Impact 2nd Edition, just released, details the sustainable transformational impact on teaching and learning, curriculum and professional development for 65 teachers, four years after their participation in the Juneau Basic Arts Institute. They now teach and integrate the arts on a daily basis noticeably more than they did before the Institute. Teachers perceive increases in student motivation and interest in schooling, improvements in behavior, growth in knowledge, skills and perception of the arts and transfer of positive attitude and knowledge to other subject areas. The performing arts (drama, movement, music) component of the Institute made the biggest impact on instruction.

Background: In 2003 the Lower Kuskokwim School District, in partnership with the Alaska Arts Education Consortium, was awarded a federal grant that changed the face of arts education in Alaska. Since that time 282 teachers from 24 districts have participated in intensive two-week Basic Arts Institutes in Juneau, Anchorage or Fairbanks. Subsequent annual evaluations from participating teachers report that at least 11,800 Alaskan students are now receiving more arts education, integrated routinely into their school experiences, as a result of their participation in Basic Institutes. Educators have presented formal workshops, credit courses and in-services, and informally modeled arts strategies to hundreds of teaching team members and colleagues across Alaska. As teachers gain confidence and skills and begin integrating the arts on a regular basis student performance is affected.

You can download and read the complete report,  Lasting Impact II (1199 downloads) or contact Cristine Crooks, for a copy.