Due to the pandemic, no Arts & Culture Institutes will be held in person this summer.  The status of each of the 4 planned events is listed below:

  • The Anchorage Science and Arts for the Elementary Classroom (May 26-29) is cancelled.  The Anchorage Academy will be open this year only for on-line classes.  We hope to rebook this next year as an in-person event.
  • The Fairbanks Multicultural Arts Institute (June 15-19) is also cancelled for this year.  We plan to present this next year in Fairbanks.
  • The Kenai Social Emotional Learning and the Arts Institute (June 1-5) is postponed until next year, however the teacher-leader staff will be actively planning this fall to make the 2021 SEL and the Arts Institute better than ever!
  • The Juneau Culture and the Arts Institute (July 20-31) is presently being redesigned to see if we can present it on-line in a shortened format.

2020 Juneau Online Basic Arts and Culture Institute Flyer (33 downloads)

For those who registered for any of these events, refunds will be in the mail by April 30th.  Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you in the future.

Alaska Arts Education Consortium Institute Update letter:  2020-Institute-Cancellation-Letter.pdf (19 downloads)