The Alaska Arts Education Consortium (AAEC) advances teaching and learning in and through the arts across Alaska.


Arts Education for All


  • Arts are Essential
  • Collaboration and Partnership
  • Cultural Connectedness
  • Passion for Impact


Public Awareness Committee

AAEC promotes the awareness of the importance of teaching and learning in and through the arts

Professional Development Committee

AAEC prepares and supports educators to teach the arts across the curriculum

Sustainability Committee

AAEC expands opportunities to fulfill its mission through meaningful and ongoing relationships with partners, grantors, donors and alumni

The arts are vitally important as we strive to educate Alaskan students to be effective communicators and responsible, contributing citizens. In the broadest sense the arts…

  • Engage a variety of learning styles
  • Build self worth and pride of accomplishment
  • Provide opportunities to learn new skills and strategies
  • Develop critical thinking and the ability to creatively approach and solve problems
  • Foster self-discipline, teamwork and leadership capacities
  • Allow us to participate across circumstance in the ongoing conversation of humankind.