Challenge 1- Community! #ArtsEdMonthAK

Alaska Arts Education Month is here!  We’re celebrating throughout March with a different Creativity Challenge each week.  Get inspired by the week’s theme to explore music, dance, theater, cultural arts, media arts, and visual arts.  Share creations by you and your students with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by tagging #ArtsEdMonthAK + @akartsed to join the party!  

Our first Creativity Challenge for February 26th – March 4th is ………….. #Community!

We live in a world where many forms of community exist.  Building a positive community whether in the classroom or in your local town can be fostered through meaningful collaboration.  Today we’re going to share a few ways to investigate Community through the arts. Some may work in your current educational setting and some may need to be saved for a different learning landscape. All can be adapted for different ages and abilities.


Try one of our AAEC Art Bytes: Even if they get you out of your comfort zone,  who can resist the joy of music and dance?  In this 60-minute training with Hannah Johnson from Eagle River, educators try a music / movement lesson for grades K-12.   This session features activities for various age groups including but not limited to “Swim, Swim, Salmon” and “Sevens.”




bird collageBirds of Different Feathers: In this Project ARTiculate lesson by Linda Pfisterer the class participates in tolerance activities to prompt discussions about ‘different and alike.’ Then they create their own birds of different feathers using oil pastels and construction paper. Students include a message which their birds are carrying to the world.  Grades 4-7. 




elements of art oil pastelThe Elements of Art: In this collaborative art series from the North Coast Arts Integration Project the class participates in three lessons that help to develop their understanding of the elements of the visual arts while working with one another. Customized pathways for grades K-5.




Warhol and Basquiat: Collaboration & Contrast: The Andy Warhol Museum provides this lesson based on the collaborative work created by Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat.  Resources include a downloadable lesson plan, PowerPoint presentation and videos. Features ideas for collaborating on art over distance. Grades 7-12. 


drama based instruction bannerAlphabet Relay: This cross curricular activity from Drama-Based Instruction provides a fun activity to assess the students’ prior knowledge of different subjects,  There are options for competitive or collaborative settings.  Grades 5-12.


circle danceDances From Many Cultures: A collection of videos and descriptions of traditional songs and dances from around the world provided by Kentucky Educational Television. Grades K-12.



We hope these ideas spark your creative thinking for this first week of Alaska Arts Education Month.  Whether you create something from this list or from your own inspiration, remember to showcase your work on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with #ArtsEdMonthAK + @akartsed.  Visit again for a new Creativity Challenge and more ideas next week!

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