For the past 10 years, the Alaska Arts Education Consortium (AAEC) Champions of Arts in Education Award has  honored Alaskan individuals or organizations who “champion” the arts in education. These Champions carry the torch for arts education through high-caliber instruction, arts support, and ongoing arts promotion.

This award is a celebratory action, aimed at highlighting the positive impact of the arts on the lives of our children and youth. The efforts of these champions in teaching and supporting arts across the curriculum reflects the mission of AAEC, which is “to ensure that all of Alaska’s students learn in and through the arts.”

AAEC has designated four categories of Champions of Arts in Education, including:

  • Arts Leader–a school or community leader who champions arts education through policy, community engagement, organizing and providing for quality arts education for children and youth in Alaska.
  • Arts Educator–a teacher working directly with children and youth, classroom teachers, arts specialists, teaching artists, cultural specialists, peer educators in Alaska who exemplify the impact arts education can have on children and youth.
  • Arts Advocate–a school or community advocate, supporting educators and students to access arts education opportunities, and speaking out about the impact of arts education on children and youth in Alaska.
  • Arts Student–a 6th-12th grade student of any art form who strives for excellence in their emerging work, and who seeks the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skill, as well as opportunities for his or her peers in Alaska.

Do you want to honor an individual or group that is Champion of the Arts in your community?

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